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2011-2016 LML Duramax Exergy 10mm Stroker CP4.2 Pump - E04 10506

2011-2016 LML Duramax Exergy 10mm Stroker CP4.2 Pump - E04 10506

SKU: E04 10506

Has your factory pump hit its limit, and you still need more pump capacity? Do you want the capability of more power without the worry of a multi-pump controller failing, a custom length belt breaking or a second pump to worry about? For applications up to 900+HP our 10mm Stroker CP4.2 pumps are the best option to take your build to the next level.


Pioneering a reliable modified CP4.2 pump did not come easy. We found the limits on a durability test bench, not on customers vehicles. After the initial R&D was complete, each series of pump was subject to one final test in which we ran the pump at 4500 rpms and a pressure that far exceeded what the pumps will see in the field for 40 hours. A final inspection was done after this test to ensure no parts had significant wear. In production, each and every pump is tested throughout the entire operating range of the pump up to 4500 rpm and 29,000 psi to ensure 100% proper function before being installed into a vehicle.


Our CP4.2 pump comes with our System Saver Inlet Metering Valve installed.  This inlet valve replaces the factory single layer 85 micron inlet screen that is molded in a plastic frame with our two layer 10 micron screen which is mounted on a stainless steel frame that will not fail when the screen fills with debris and becomes a restriction. Not only is the screen over eight times finer than the factory screen, but the addition of another layer further increases protection from debris.


Let Exergy give you peace of mind with your fuel system purchase!


Note: To achieve maximum pump performance a fuel supply pump capable of 150 GPH @ 8-10 psi per pump is required.


This pump can be used as a replacement for Bosch part numbers 0 445 010 616, 0 986 437 421, and 0 445 010 817, as well as GM part numbers 98077841, 12645102, 12638262, 12658095, and 12661059.



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