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2011-2016 LML DURAMAX TWIN CP3 KIT Dual Fuelers - WCFAB

2011-2016 LML DURAMAX TWIN CP3 KIT Dual Fuelers - WCFAB

Twin CP3 Pump Kit for the 2011-2016 LML Duramax allows you to mount a second high pressure CP3 pump (available separately) next to your AC Compressor to support larger injectors and higher horsepower. A second CP3 pumps adds volume to your high pressure fuel system to maintain consistent and smooth rail pressure. Our Kits use high quality machined stainless fittings and hardware, heavy duty fabricated steel CP3 mount bracket with powder coat finish, and come standard with our custom machined billet aluminum drive pulley, Black Anodized. Does not work with dual alternator applications. WILL WORK ON CP3 CONVERTED APPLICATIONS.


-CP3 Mount Bracket (Powder Coated)
-Stainless Hardware
-Billet Aluminum CP3 Pulley Black Anodized
-Stainless Steel CP3 Pulley Nut
-Low Pressure Fuel Feed and Return Lines
-Stainless 1/2" CP3 Feed Fitting
-Stainless 3/8" CP3 Return Fitting
-CP3 Pump Controller and Wire Harness
-Idler Pulley and Spacer
-High Pressure Fuel Lines
-High Pressure Fuel Block for Rail Sensor
-High Pressure Rail Fitting
-Serpentine Belt

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