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Fleece Performance S400 Turbocharger - You choose size!

Fleece Performance S400 Turbocharger - You choose size!

Here we have a selection of Fleece Performance S400 turbos. All sizes have a standard compressor cover 5" inlet and v band outlet.  Each and every one of these turbos has a T4 flange on the exhaust side.


We use these turbos for all Duramax single turbo applications!


Here are the following options:


S463/83 Turbocharger

Bigger is not always better! The S463 is a great place to start for any sub 700 RWHP application. With a smaller compressor and turbine package, matched with the .90 turbine housing, our S463 offers great spool up and driving characteristics, without sacrificing reliability. The robust S400 chassis has all the big features it needs for long term reliable power delivery.


S467/83 Turbocharger

This S467 from Fleece Performance is not your standard out-of-the box S467 from Borg Warner.  The Fleece Performance S467 with cast compressor wheel offers superb driving characteristics with enough air for more than 800 RHWP.   


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