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LBZ/LMM 2006-2010 Duramax Y Bridge Kit - In Stock!

LBZ/LMM 2006-2010 Duramax Y Bridge Kit - In Stock!

We have Duramax LBZ/LMM y bridge kits in stock and available for immediate shipment! No build time, no long lead times, these are boxed up and ready to go! As shown in photos, this kit routes over the alternator which makes for a nice clean install and appearance of the engine bay.


Fits all 2006-2010 Duramax LBZ/LMM 6.6L Diesel 2500/3500HD! 


Why add a y-bridge kit to your Duramax? The factory Y-bridge is a poorly designed two piece bridge that is prone to blowing apart under boost pressure. This y bridge utilizes a bulletproof design that locks the intercooler pipe into place with a  precisious machined slot for the pipe to slide in to and an o-ring to seal the two together. There is a stud and nut on top of the bridge used to fasten the intercooler pipe so that it is secured and cannot come apart under high boost pressure.  A 3" high flow intercooler pipe compliments the y-bridge to offer a full 3" tract from intercooler to engine. 


Illusion Cherry, Gloss Black, and Gloss white is all we have available and do not have the ability to get any other colors. If you want a different color, grab a kit and get it repowder coated. We have done this several times and any powder coat shop can easily do that.


Included in the base package (first photo) you will receive,


Full 3" Y Bridge with matching 3" intercooler pipe adapter

3" Cold side intercooler piping with provisions for factory MAP sensor and aftermarket 1/8th inch NPT bung for aftermarket boost gauges. (Plug included if you wish to not use this port)

3" Silicone coupler

x2 T bolt clamps

Hardware pack with o-rings gaskets, coolant hoses, hose clamps, coolant plug and NPT plug.


When purchasing this kit, we suggest adding the following items as they are not included!

These components will also make it a full high flow bundle as well. Some of these componenets are in the drop down options but if you want to view the items separately, use the click here function next to them.


Old style WCFAB Intake Horn and Air Intake Click here




Matching WCFAB Intake with airbox

LBZ Click here

LMM Click here


S&B Intake Click here


WCFAB Passenger up-pipe Click here

WCFAB Hot side intercooler pipe (We keep these in stock) Click here

WCFAB 3" downpipe if you don't have one already Click here


Duramax lbz high flow bundle

Duramax lmm high flow bundle

Duramax lbz y bridge kit

Duramax lmm y bridge kit

Duramax lbz piping kit

Duramax lmm piping kit

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