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2001-2016 Duramax 6.6L Diesel Aluminun Water In Fuel Delete Plug - Merchant Auto

2001-2016 Duramax 6.6L Diesel Aluminun Water In Fuel Delete Plug - Merchant Auto

SKU: 15001

Will not turn on a check engine light. 

  • Stronger than the stock plastic sensor
  • Will not turn on a check engine light
  • Serviceable with your 3/8" drive ratchet
  • Comes with a new o-ring



Why would I want to remove the factory sensor?

Typically, we would not want to remove any factory sensors. However, we are working with a sensor that has a few short comings. First is the accuracy of the sensor itself. In its 10 plus years on the Duramax, it has not shown to be the most reliable at actually detecting any water in the fuel. Second, its made of plastic. Not normally a big deal but after a few filter changes, it must be removed and reinstalled every time. It can become distorted or otherwise damaged from using the incorrect tool for service. Third, the wires on the OE sensor can become brittle and break from heat and vibration in the engine compartement, rendering the sensor useless and often unnoticed until the next service.

Will installing this plug cause any warning lights to come on in my truck?

No. The factory Water in Fuel sensor only provides information to the driver, it does not supply any information to the ECM for operation of the vehicle. When the sensor is removed, the truck side of the plug would get tied off to the wiring harness and the only way for the light to come on is for the circuit to close.

Will this Delete Plug fit my filters?

Our plug is precision machined in house on our HAAS machining equipment to exact specifications. It was designed to be a direct replacement for the factory plastic sensor. One thing we have noticed with the recent advent of the plastic body filters available on the market is that our plug does not fit some of them. The reason is the Delete Plug is machined from T6061 aluminum and there is no give in the threads like the OE plastic sensor has. The plastic body filters feature sensor threads that are molded into the body, thus they tend to vary and in a few circumstances, our Plug will not be able to be fully tightened. The use of the metal body filters such as the AC Delco TP3018 we offer will ensure a correct fit.

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