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2007.5-2010 Duramax LMM S400 Single Turbo Installation Kit

2007.5-2010 Duramax LMM S400 Single Turbo Installation Kit

We have LMM S400 single turbo kits available for immediate shipment! This will work for all 2007.5-2010 Duramax LMM 6.6L Diesel Pickup 2500/3500HD! If this listing is visible, that means we still have kits available and in stock. Example photos of the engine bay are from an LML but the kit we have is for the LMM Duramax.


The colors listed are the only options we have available and we do not have the ability to get any other colors. If you want a different color, grab a kit and get it repowder coated. We have done this several times and any powder coat shop can easily do that.


There will be no turbo included with the base installation kit but can be added in the drop down options! 


For the installation kit here's what is included (1st photo for example),


S400 5" Intake with dry filter and outerwear cover

T4 Pedestal with hardware

vband hot side intercooler pipe

vband down pipe with heat wrap

3" Y bridge with cold side intercooler piping

All boots and clamps needed

Oil feed and return lines

Any hardware needed to installation


If you do select the optional turbo, please note the compressor housing will be raw. It is not powder coated. If you wanted to coat the turbo to match the install kit, that would need to be done on your end or you can purchase the turbo from this listing and select the powder coat option. This option does carry a small lead time. S400 Turbo


If you do not have these items below, we suggest the following to accomodate the install or may be needed to make it a complete kit. Some of these items are asked in the drop down options, but if you want to look at them individually, clicking here will take you to the item by itself on our website.


WCFAB Top outlet billet thermostat housing here

Borg Warner S400 turbo here

T4 heat blanket here 

Up pipe set here


Something to note, the installation kit by itself is two very large packages. If adding a turbo or heat blanket, it could be a total of 3-6 boxes being shipped to you! 




Q: Can I order this kit raw? 

A: No, these kits are pre packaged and all boxed up with the powder coated colors selected in the drop down menu. Under no circumstances are we able to ship a raw kit that is not powder coated.


Q: I am looking to piece together an S400 kit and don't need everything you are offering in this listing. Do you sell the individual components?

A: No, we only sell these in a complete kit. No exceptions.


Q: I already have an aftermarket y bridge kit on my truck, can you exclude that from this kit and give me a discount because I dont need it?

A: We cannot exclude any components. This is a complete kit already boxed up and cannot be separated. We suggest selling the current kit on your truck and putting the money towards this kit and starting fresh with the components included.


Q: What colors do you currently have in stock?

A: The colors listed in the 'Powder Coat Color' drop down menu is what we physically have on hand, ready to ship. This is always updated and real time inventory with what we currently have. We do not list colors that we do not have available.


Q: I often times see listings on the internet that are old and outdated. Do you actually have these kits?

A: Yes, these kits are on hand and ready to ship! Hard to believe, I know. This listing is constantly updated and we do not sell items we do not have in stock unless it is stated clearly in the listing.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: We ship most orders same business day as we receive them (Monday through Friday). This also depends what time during the day we receive the order. If it does not ship the same day, you will see tracking the following business day. All kits are located here in Pennsylvania so figure 1-3 days for east coast to mid west. 3-5 days for central to west coast.


Any questions, please let us know.


S400 LMM Turbo Kit

LMM S400 Turbo

Duramax LMM S400 Turbo Kit

LMM Duramax S400

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