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2011-2016 Duramax LML CP3 Converted Low Pressure Line Kit

2011-2016 Duramax LML CP3 Converted Low Pressure Line Kit

SKU: 0004

The John C Garage low pressure fuel line kit replaces the factory hard lines that run in the valley of the engine that are prone for leaking after a CP3 conversion has been completed. It's also designed to eliminate the factory fuel filter since most trucks are running an aftermarket lift pump that has a lower micron rating than the factory unit. Our low pressure line kit will stay above the y bridge so it is fully accessible while the y bridge is still in place. The nice thing about our kit is we have spent 10 years perfecting this from first hand experience doing the installations here in house. Every component included is an exact fit and the correct size. You will receive everything needed to redo the low pressure fuel line in the engine of your LML Duramax. Hose clamps, diesel rated fuel hose, heat shielding, and connection pieces! This kit is not required if running the SDP CP3 conversion! When checking out, please select your year as the 2011 trucks are different than 2012-2016. **The very last option is to select whether you want to keep or bypass the factory fuel filter. If you choose to keep the factory fuel filter in use, the kit will include additional fuel line and fittings needed to do so. That’s common for those using the Fleece in tank lift pump that does not have added filtration like the Fass and Airdogs have. **

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