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2011-2016 Duramax LML S400/Stock Compound Installation Kit

2011-2016 Duramax LML S400/Stock Compound Installation Kit

We have Duramax LML compound kits in stock and ready to ship!


Please read this full description as it is filled with a ton of information and details!


Fits all 2011-2016 Duramax LML 6.6L Diesel Pick up 2500/3500HD Silverado/Sierra with factory VGT turbo or aftermarket drop in VGT turbo! 


The colors listed are the only options we have available and we do not have the ability to get any other colors. If you want a different color, grab a kit and get it repowder coated. We have done this several times and any powder coat shop can easily do that.


There will be no turbo included with the base installation kit but can be purchased by selecting yes or no to the Billet S480 option which is what we use with all LML builds. Exhaust A.R. would be 1.32 as the standard option. Compressor cover will be raw in color. 


For the installation kit here's what is included (2nd picture),


Hot side exhaust pipe out of VGT turbo to S400 Atmosphere charger with T6 Flange

S400 5" Intake / Dry air filter / Pre filter cover

Twin turbo coolant tank with level sensor

S400 turbo mount for passenger side of block with integrated oil return built in

4" down pipe and clamp to fit T6 Borg Warner exhaust housing

Y bridge with cold side intercooler piping

Boost charge pipe from atmosphere turbo to VGT turbo (Requires standard S400 compressor cover)

Stainless braided oil feed and return lines

Fine texture black battery tray

Two rolls of heat wrap

All boots and clamps needed

Any hardware needed for installation


If you do not have these items below, we suggest the following to accomodate the install or may be needed to make it a complete kit. Some of these items are asked in the drop down options, but if you want to look at them individually, clicking Found HERE will take you to the item by itself on our website.


Billet Borg Warner Turbo. Can be 475 or 480 Found HERE

Matching hot side/driver side intercooler pipe Found HERE

T6 heat blanket for atmosphere turbo Found HERE

Compound specific full 2" Passenger up pipe Found HERE

vband assembly for downpipe to front pipe (requires welding) Found HERE

LML Breather hose Found HERE


Something to note, this kit by itself is a total of two very large packages and if you add a turbo then three large heavy packages. Adding some of the other options could make this a total of 2-8 total packages being shipped to you.




Q: Can I order this kit raw? 

A: No, these kits are pre packaged and all boxed up with the powder coated colors selected in the drop down menu. Under no circumstances are we able to ship a raw kit that is not powder coated.


Q: I am looking to piece together an S400 Compound kit and don't need everything you are offering in this listing. Do you sell the individual components?

A: No, we only sell these in a complete kit. No exceptions.


Q: I already have an aftermarket y bridge kit on my truck, can you exclude that from this kit and give me a discount because I dont need it?

A: We cannot exclude any components. This is a complete kit already boxed up and cannot be separated. We suggest selling the current kit on your truck and putting the money towards this kit and starting fresh with the components included.


Q: I'm thinking about doing the installation myself, how hard is it to do?

A: The installation of this kit is not entirely difficult but it is a long process. We figure around 20-30 hours of labor on average to install this kit. You will need to drill and tap the upper oil pan for the atmosphere Borg Warner turbocharger to drain back into the engine. This requires a 3/8 NPT tap and 37/64 drill bit. We often use the location right next to the starter. With this kit, you also have to relocate the passeneger side battery which will be moved to behind the passeneger side headlight. In some cases, you will have to extend some of the battery cables. Those two items are the most difficult part of the whole job.


Any other questions, please let us know.


Duramax LML compound kit

LML Duramax compound kit

LML Compound kit

Twin turbo Duramax LML

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