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2001-2016 Duramax Fuel Filter Bypass Kit - John C Garage

2001-2016 Duramax Fuel Filter Bypass Kit - John C Garage

This kit will provide you with everything needed to bypass the factory fuel filter on your 2001-2016 Duramax! Definitely makes for a super clean install! We now sell this kit in three versions which the picture changes with your selection.


U-bend with hoses and clamps - This is a complete kit to replace your existing fuel filter housing hoses on the truck. Our hose is diesel fuel rated and clamps are non-perforated so it does not dig into the hose.


U-bend with X2 hose clamps - You would have to reuse the fuel hose that goes to the fuel filter currently. We include two clamps to ensure an air tight seal.


U-bend tube - Pretty simple. It's just the tube and you can reuse everything you have there or supply your own hardware to install.



Common Question with this kit.

Question: What about the WIF sensor in my factory fuel filter?

Answer: You can disconnect the WIF and not worry about any type of lights on the dash. This is a 100% bolt on kit.

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