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2011-2016 Duramax 6.6L LML Combo Kit

2011-2016 Duramax 6.6L LML Combo Kit

SKU: JCGCombokit

This combo kit consists of the highest quality parts to ensure you have a reliable truck for many years down the road and to clean up the engine bay of your 11-16 Duramax LML! Usually used when doing head gaskets or a CP3 and most of the parts are removed from the top of the engine.


It includes everything needed to install given you have a 3" down pipe or select one with this kit! This up pipe will not work with the factory down pipe.


What separates our kit? We don't use a blocker plate on the factory up pipe which most of the other cheap kits do causing the up pipe to crack leaving you with a massive exhaust leak. Our kit will give you an entirely new up pipe to use. Also, we include the best coolant lines available so you don't have to worry about those failing and leaving you stranded.


Included components,


Wcfab stainless passenger side up pipe with gaskets

JCG Coolant bypass kit

Stainless Steel Y-bridge Plate with stainless hardware

OEM AC Delco Y-bridge Gaskets



Full set of 6 ARP 12PT up pipe bolts VIEW HERE

Full 3" Stainless Steel down pipe - Wcfab VIEW HERE


Unsure which down pipe to get? Here's a general reference guide but you have to physically look on any 2015.


11-14 vband

2015 can be either

2016 3 bolt


For the 2015 look through the passenger wheel well on your at the connection where the down pipe meets the exhaust. 


2011 - early 2015 will be a vband clamp holding them together. This is the "vband" option.

2015.5-2016 will have 3 bolts holding a ring up against the exhaust. You will see 3 nuts. This is a "3 bolt" option.


We keep these in stock and ready to ship at all times!

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