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LEAD TIMES - Raw typically carries a 5-10 business day lead time get packaged and shipped. Powder coated colors can vary from 10-15 business days depending on color.


You are looking at a John C Garage exclusive drop in S300 kit for the L5P Duramax! You have the choice between an S369 and S372 turbo. We have confirmed fitment for 2017-2023 Duramax L5P 2500/3500HD. This S300 turbo kit is designed to drop in place of your factory L5P turbo with no real modications needed. The 2020+ L5P OEM Turbos do have a different Intake air temperature sensor than 2017-2019. This S300 comes threaded for the 17-19 IAT sensor. If you have a 2020+ L5P, there is a threaded port on the compressor cover you will have to block off. We use GM 12625041 to plug that port which is the OEM 17-19 sensor. You will also have to repin the VGT dummy plug for the 2020+ L5P.


The 69mm is ideal for stock injectors or even upgraded fuel system.


The 72mm can be a little more on the lazy side so we suggest going this route only if you have an upgraded fuel system and looking to make the most amount of power out of a 300 series turbo!


Specifications for the turbo:

- S300SX-E with 73mm Turbine Modified By WCFab for L5P Duramax- 360 degree thrust bearing- Forged milled (FMW) compressor wheel- Pre-machined boost port- Modified Compressor Cover inlet to Accept L5P Intake Horn and outlet for L5P Driver (Hot) Side Intercooler Pipe Connection


Included in the full kit that we are offering:

Genuine S300 Borg Warner turbo

.88 AR Borg Warner S300 exhaust housing machined for HX40 outlet

Full 3.5" down pipe specific to the S300 turbo with HX40 connection

HX40 Vband exhaust clamp

Heat wrap and x2 hose clamps needed for installation

Full oil feed and drain line kit

High Flow Intake Horn with Open Flange for use with S300 Turbo

T4 pedestal adapter kit with hardware that bolts to your factory pedestal

L5P VGT Dummy Plug (Plug and play for 17-19) Needs to be repinned for 2020+

Factory Coolant block off plate


Optional and Suggested:

Turbo size (69MM or 72MM)

Powercoat color

T4 WCFAB Heat Blanket (highly suggested) View here

17-19 Stage 1 Intercooler pipe set View here

17-19 4" Intake kit View here

2020-2023 Stage 1 Intercooler pipe set View here

2020-2023 4" Intake kit View here


Don't see the color you want? Let us know and we will add it for you!


Please note this turbo kit will be shipped in several large boxes!


L5P S300

Duramax L5P S300 Turbo Kit

L5P Fixed Vane Turbo

S300 Kit L5P

L5P S369 Turbo

L5P S372 Turbo

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