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Heavy Duty Bump Stop Set Specifically For John C Garage Lowering Shackles

Heavy Duty Bump Stop Set Specifically For John C Garage Lowering Shackles

SKU: JCGTimbren

Something we are very excited about and a new release for John C Garage! We worked with Timbren to provide a solution for sag when towing heavy with our 3/4", 1.4" and 2" shackles on any 2011-2024 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HD! If you have lowering shackles from another company, these will still work for you. Just select which size you have so we can get the appropriate length for you. If you have exactly a 1" drop, select the 3/4" size.


These custom length bump stops are a direct replacement of your factory bump stops and can be swapped out in just under 10 minutes in your driveway. You simply remove your factory bump stop using a flat head screw driver or small pry bar. You will then twist the Timbren bump stop into the factory cup on your frame and that is it, good to go! 


These bump stops are a great alternative to airbag systems which require inflating and deflating of the bags when hauling or unloading a trailer. These have zero maintenance! Another benefit is no change in ride quality with these bump stops since there is a gap between the bump stop and axle until a trailer is loaded or weight is put in the bed of the truck. This allows the rear axle to compress when unloaded and have the normal movement of suspension.


They have a progress spring rate because they’re made from natural rubber.  Aeon® springs have an advantage over metal springs: the ability to increase their spring rate as the load increases. This means reduced squat, sway, and roll, even under the heaviest of loads.



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