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6” Polished Miter Cut Hood Stack Tip Kit - Universal

6” Polished Miter Cut Hood Stack Tip Kit - Universal

Here is our very own universal hood ring and polished 6” tip. It comes with stainless steel hardware for installation of the tip and hood ring. There is a total of 4 bolts that fasten the ring to the hood and then another 4 bolts for tip to ring. The ring does come raw and it is suggested that you paint it to keep it from getting surface rust. If you do not wish to have a miter cut, you can actually cut it flat if you choose. This kit is fully adjustable and makes for easy access to interchange the tips! You can adjust height, and position of the tip once you have the hood ring mounted to the hood.


A 6” hole saw bit in needed for installation!


We offer this tip kit in a 5" version too. Click here


The leather covers are used for keeping the elements out of the exhaust when you are not driving the truck. Please select if you would like that included.

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