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2012-2016 Low Pressure Line *For Use with Factory Fuel Filter*

The factory metal low pressure system lines can removed from the valley of the engine, and trace it back to the driver side rear of the engine. You will need to use a 1/2" quick disconnect tool which can be purchased at any autopart store.

The John C Garage line will start at this quick disconnect connection. With a little engine oil applied on the male connector of our line, slide it into place until you hear the locking tabs click. This is now locked in and will not come out.

Next you can install the tee on the driver side of the fuel rail and tighten the fuel injection style clamp with a 7mm socket or driver. You can cut the 1/2" rubber hose to length and install onto the tee from the attached fitting that was previously installed at the back of the engine. You will use a supplied hose clamp at this connection on the tee.

The two black preformed hoses coming off the fuel filter WILL be re used. The supplied black or gold push-lock union fittings will go in the end of each of those preformed hoses that went to the original low pressure system. To install those, apply a small amount of engine oil on the barbs and firmly push in until it stops and is fully inserted. These connections do not require clamps on either side of the hose barb!

With the supplied extra 1/2" rubber hose, you can push one end on at the tee on the driver side fuel rail. Use a supplied hose clamp on the tee. Then run a line over to the fuel filter preformed hose and it will get pressed onto the appropriate push lock union.

The fuel filter has two arrows on the metal hard lines that point in and out of it. The line from the driver side fuel rail tee is going to connect to the push lock fitting on the hose attached to the inlet (arrow pointing in).

Then the line with the arrow pointing out (outlet) will be going to the 1/2" hose barb fitting on the center of the CP3 which is the feed. This will travel from the preformed hose, to the push-lock fitting, then make a small run to get to the CP3. A supplied hose clamp will be used on the hose barb fitting at the CP3.

Extra heat shielding is included to be used for the rubber hose going from the tee over to the fuel filter, and then from the fuel filter over to the CP3. Cut and use where you see fit.

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