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LML EGT Relocation Kit

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Exhaust Gas Temp. 1/8" National Pipe Thread Adapter


You will need the following tools:

  • Drill

  • 21/64 drill bit, along with smaller size drill bits

  • 1/8 NPT Tap

  • 17mm wrench

  • 10mm socket or wrench to remove heat shield

You're going to want to drill and tap the location I have provided examples of below on the passenger side exhaust manifold. It is very crucial you use this location so that the EGT probe does not bottom out against the manifold. To access this location, you will have to remove the factory heat shield from the manifold.

Once you have the manifold tapped to accept the EGT adapter, I install the factory LML EGT sensor into the adapter before threading into the manifold. With the help of a bench vise to hold the adapter, I tighten the EGT sensor which only needs to be "snug". There is no sealant or thread tape needed for either connection. ***Once ready to thread the sensor/adapter into the manifold, be very careful not to over tighten the brass adapter as it is very fragile and can break if over tightened*** I thread this adapter in by hand and then when it stops, I lightly "snug it" using a small wrench. Plug in the white E.G.T. sensor connector. Using the supplied plug with crush washer (if purchased or applicable), thread into the downpipe to plug off the factory E.G.T. port and you're all set!

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